Find unicode symbols and copy them. In an app that isn't ugly. Also with keyboard that has search.

for iPhone & iPad

Symbolay (...) is your ultimate unicode symbol guide on iOS


Powerful search

You can search using not only symbol title, but also symbol itself, it's code and custom keywords like "emoji", "animal", "money" or "goat". Yes, there is more than one goat.

Favorite & Recent

Do you use some symbols often? Fav'em and they will be the first thing that you see when you launch the app. Recently used symbols can be also accessed easily.

List or Grid

Grid for glances and quick access, list for full-information.


Some symbols and emoji are pretty cool. You can see them in close-up.

Multiple encodings

You can copy symbol itself, use one of several encodings: HTML, Python, URL, or copy unicode hex value.

Custom keyboard with search

Just start typing query, then tap symbol in results. Text will be replaced with it.

Favorite & Recent

Tap and hold symbol in search results to fav it. It will be the first thing you see when you launch the keyboard.

Auto-next keyboard

I don't expect you to use Symbolay keyboard full time. I even make it as easy as possible to switch. Tap and hold "globe" button to activate auto-next keyboard mode. In this mode every time you type symbol you will be taken to the next keyboard automatically.

No full access

You shouldn't give full keyboard access to no-name developer like me. So I don't ask for it. But it has consequences: favorite and recent symbols in app and in keyboard are separate. Sorry.

Symbolay stands out for the amount of options it gives you when copying symbols and launching searches from other apps